How many aha moments does it take to be a good photographer?

I've had a few (a lot) of aha moments in my life, most of them have been since I became self-employed as a photographer a few years ago. I would see a photographer that I admired throw out some motivational words that made my brain run in a million different directions, or someone would release a set of new Photoshop actions that I just knew was exactly what I needed to take me to that next level in my career.

Until the next week, of course..when someone else would say something else, or I'd see ANOTHER set of Photoshop actions that (once again) I was convinced I needed.

Fast-forward to a few days ago, when I made this (crappy) home video on my cellphone (that I love more than words, by the way).

This video reminded me WHY I am a photographer. It's not about the fancy gear, the followers, or the places I've traveled for work that make me a GOOD photographer. 

I am a good photographer, because I am honest. I document the things that need to be remembered, as they should be remembered. The real..the messy..the moments in between the big stuff.

I don't know much about the rules of photography, and sometimes I still make a picture that I have no clue how it happened. I'm not great at explaining the how, but ask me about the why, and my heart will pour.

So here's me, promising myself (and anyone that may still be reading) that I'm getting back to what matters (again). Be prepared for too many pictures of my kids, too many random posts (like this one, that really kind of just ramble on), and a whole lot of not caring what other people think of MY work.