ONe click presets by jessica byrum

One Click is based on the preset that I use on every one of my images! All of the images in the examples below are one click edits, there has been no further editing done. You will (probably) want to tweak them to your own preferences.

What people are saying about this set:

You need to hear this. This last few weeks, I’ve been brought to tears almost every night, being overwhelmed with editing receptions. I use the one click preset for all of them now. I’ve been able to catch up, spend more time with my family, breathe, think, process, you name it. I’m sure you didn’t think they’d be life changing on any level, but you did exactly what I need for something I was struggling with. Thank you.
— Amber Renee Breuker
One Click Presets by Jessica Byrum (For Lightroom)

This is a set of 5 Lightroom presets and Installation Instructions.

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