Dear Body | 38 Weeks Pregnant | #momentsofmotherhood

Dear Body,

Thank you for getting me this far in life, even though I've never treated you the way you deserve to be treated. Thank you for giving me 2 amazing babies, and for continuing to keep this one strong and healthy inside of me.

I'm sorry that nothing is where it should be, and that it'll probably never go back to "normal". I'm sorry that I didn't give you time to rest and heal when you needed it the most. I'm sorry that I used to be ashamed of you.

I love you for rocking this baby growing thing in all of your saggy, stretch-marked glory. I love you because every bump and scar is the story of my life. I love you for reminding me every day that I am alive.

Thank you for being MY body, I'm sorry that I didn't appreciate you sooner, and I love you for being beautiful.